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      Birthday’s are the perfect time to make resolutions, after all it’s the day we were born and thus the start of a new beginning and yet another year living our strange and exciting lives. I wrote down three goals for myself for the coming year. Three is the magic number. Our brains can process and remember three more easily (there’s a ton of science behind this I promise). It’s essential to strive for balance so I challenged myself to pick three goals that fall into these next categories: personal, professional, and relationship. Erin Falconer author of the book “How to Get Shit Done” explains the importance of balance and these specific buckets. It’s a great book I highly recommend it.

Inspired by her words I decided to give it a try. My personal goals are to strive for abs, the seemingly impossible, I know. I value fitness and eating healthy so it was a natural progression that I wanted to strive for physical body results. I am challenging myself to learn my body and force a change. BTW I’ve never had “abs” despite being a collegiate athlete and working out my entire life. Secondly, I am working on being better at staying in touch with family and friends despite not being able to see them because of distance or my schedule. This could be a short phone call, birthday card, or a text hear and there to show my appreciation and love. Lastly, I want to work on producing consistent content on my Blog and YouTube! I have a lot of fun projects and ideas that I’m excited to share with you all this year.

I encourage you to make a habit out of creating birthday resolutions. It allows you to self reflect and focus on your goals and areas of improvement. In the end these resolutions will help you find happiness, and that’s what life’s all about right?

My in-studio confetti photoshoot was inspired by happiness, because that is what birthday’s remind me of. I hope you enjoyed my birthday resolutions! I can’t believe I’m turning 26th! Are you surprised by my age?

Check out my favorite party dresses below! They are perfect to wear for that special occasion, I obviously included dresses with stars and sequins, they seemed appropriate.

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