Three Day Juice Cleanse Review

For years I’ve heard about the benefits of juice cleanse and detox programs, but I’ve always been a little scared, and nervous to try it out. I remember my best friend tried a juice cleanse one year and almost fainted, and had to quit mid-way through. I feel like everyone’s heard a similar story. Well, I recently tried and completed my first 3 day advanced juice cleanse by Dr. Smood and I’m here to say, you can definitely do it!
You may be asking- Why on earth does anyone want to do a juice cleanse? It sounds like torture. The purpose of a juice cleanse is to give your body a break from all the junk, processed, and unhealthy foods that you may be eating. It’s like pressing restart for your body. A juice cleanse helps give your gut a break, rid your body of toxins, reduce inflammation, boost immunity, provide high amounts of nutrients and antioxidants, and helps replenish your skin. That was a mouthful! “These days, good foods, nutritional supplementation, exercise, and sleep are all part of a healthy lifestyle. To optimize and boost health even further we must also cleanse ourselves on a regular basis in order to remain healthy, vibrant and resilient” -Dr. Smood. It is recommended to cleanse every season.

I tried Dr. Smood’s Advanced Detox Program and loved it so much, I had to share. You get 5 juices a day plus a booster. It’s more than enough juice, and leaves you feeling full. I had juice left over from the program, because I couldn’t drink it all. I was never hungry, because the juices are packed with nutrients. Each bottle has it’s own flavor and satisfies your cravings. I will say the program did a very good job with the ingredients and every juice was an explosion of flavor.

Day 1

I had zero expectations, since it was my first time. The first thing you drink is a turmeric booster which is very strong, and definitely wakes you up. Then you drink a beet juice for breakfast. I was at work and could schedule my liquid meals easily. The weirdest part was not chewing anything all day or having coffee. It was a strange feeling to completely change your eating routine, but I was feeling satisfied after every meal. The juices taste good, and I was just chugging along.

Day 2

Day two was tough. It’s more of a mental game, and you start to day dream about all of your cravings like pizza, and ice cream. I don’t even like to eat ice cream, but you just want all the junk food in the world. I will reiterate that I was never hungry, I was just thinking that I wanted it. I started to feel a little weak physically, but nothing serious. The meal schedule is very strict, and you drink every 3 hours. It’s good to sip your drink to make it last. They juices are so strong so you don’t want to chug it anyway.

Day 3

The last day was on a Saturday, so I just stayed home and relaxed. The program suggests you treat your juice cleanse like a vacation, you want to be stress free and avoid any temptations. I was hopeful that it was my last day, and I knew I could finish the program. I had come too far. My body was getting used to the routine of drinking only liquid at this point. I felt like the juice gave me energy, and it was fulfilling.

Day 4 Post-Detox Cleanse

I also tried Dr. Smood’s Post-Detox Cleanse, which helps your body transition back to eating whole foods “while preserving a healthy balance for lasting effects”. I was so happy to be eating substance! The program provided breakfast bagel with non-dairy cream cheese, cracker and spread for snack, power kale salad, beauty water, chocolate balls for snack, and quinoa salad. Next time I want to start with the pre-detox program so that I prep my body for the shock of a only liquid diet. In the future I would like to challenge myself to a 7-day juice cleanse, and see how my body handles and reacts to that. It’s always about testing what works best for your body, and experimenting with how your react to certain things. I will definitely be doing another 3-day juice cleanse come winter! I’m going to try and stick to it every season!


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