Must Have Travel Accessories

Photos by Leslie Moncada

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I recently traveled to Chile and I packed some of my favorite must have travel accessories. Nomad Lane was one of the brands I took with me. They carry an array of travel accessories that are totally clutch. I used their signature passport wallet, which not only helped me stay organized with my passport, plane tickets and other documents but made me feel stylish and put together while helping me travel with ease. I definitely saw everyone checking out my handy dandy items while waiting in line and on the plane. The passport wallet is so easy to stick in your backpack or carry-on. It helped me keep everything together and safe so I didn’t lose any of the important things. Also, it has a pen hook for those times you need to fill-out the customs/border protection paperwork.

I also packed the jewelry organizer, which helped saved the day, because there is nothing worse than having your necklaces tangled or bracelets and rings lost in your luggage. It’s travel with sophistication at an affordable price. These items are made with high quality materials so they will last you through your travels. You will be the most prepared when carrying these must-have travel accessories. That’s one less thing to worry about when traveling so I suggest you travel in comfort and in style.

I have rounded up a few must-have travel items that I personally love below. Check them out!


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