How to Throw a Surprise Birthday Party

Photos by: Travis Hucek

I wanted to do something really special for my boyfriend’s birthday so I decided to throw him a surprise birthday party! I am excited to share with you all the details about what I did to make this event so successful!

First we went to dinner at Zentan , a Japanese restaurant in Washington, D.C. We enjoyed two kuidaore dinners. For those that are unaware, kuidaore is Zentan’s eight-course tasting menu. Zentan is the only restaurant in Washington, D.C. to feature the Japanese tradition of kuidaore, which translates to “spoil oneself with food”, and that is exactly what we did! It was so exciting to get to try so many different flavors in one sitting. Our taste buds were so aroused and the food was so delicious. You will definitely be surprised to see what comes out. Dinner was just as much a learning experience as it was a fantastic meal. To complement our food we had chotto ippai flights. The Japanese custom of chotto ippai translates to “let’s have a quick drink”, and is traditionally a way for friends and coworkers to relax over drinks. The chotto ippai flights offered come in three two-ounce classic cocktails with Japanese influences and garnishes, served in unique stemware. The presentation is so beautiful you almost don’t want to drink them, but on second thought you know it’s a must!

After dinner we went up to the DNV Rooftop and I had all his friends waiting there under a reserved cabana. My boyfriend was so surprised he had no idea I had planned a surprise party! We had a gorgeous cabana right next to the pool where we had exclusive/VIP space to hang with our friends. The view from the rooftop is spectacular. You can see all of Thompson Circle and a perfect view of the sunset over the city. To top it off, when the clock struck midnight we had a champagne toast to celebrate his official birthday! The night was a success, but I couldn’t have done it without the help of the wonderful staff at Zentan Restaurant and DNV Rooftop . They truly helped me host a magical surprise birthday. It was so convenient to host the party at Zentan restaurant and DNV Rooftop because they are right next to each other! We had dinner on the first floor then went up to the roof for the party. This was my first time ever throwing a surprise birthday party successfully and I will never forget how easy it was to plan, but it makes a world of a difference for the person you’re planning it for. Don’t be intimidated to step out of your comfort zone to do something extra special for someone. It really goes down in history.

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